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Average $200 a night

canva travel trailer caravaning MACCCdUw s

Travel Trailer
Average $100 a night


Average $150 a night

Pop Up Camper

Popup Camper
Average $80 a night

5th Wheel

Fifth Wheel
Average $129 a night

Cheap RV Rentals Ona, Florida (FL)

“Zeppelin Adventures II” 2021 Winnebago

$120 a night

2006 Airstream Safari 25 SS Special Edition LS

2006 Airstream Safari 25 SS

$90 a night

Amazing Chevrolet converted camper VAN

Amazing Chevrolet converted VAN

$70 a night

RV Rental in Ona, Florida (FL)

Ona is an unincorporated community and census-designated place in Hardee County, Florida, United States. Its population was 314 as of the 2010 census. Ona has a post office with ZIP code 33865, which opened on October 11, 1897. State Road 64 and a CSX Transportation line pass through the community.

Rental Options

Visiting Ona, Florida (FL) in an RV is a fantastic way to see the region! You can spend the day sightseeing and learning about the region before retiring to your motorhome in the evening. After a day of sightseeing, you can unwind in your own room with your belongings and sleep in your own bed. You can also tailor your trip to your preferences; for example, if you want to spend more time in one place, you can! You have the option to leave anytime you want if you are ready to move on.

If you don’t have your own motorhome but want to go on a trip in one, Crow Survival will help. In reality, if you’re thinking about buying a motorhome, renting one first through Crow Survival can be a great way to see if it’s a good match for you. If you’re a seasoned RVer or this is your first ride, you can rent with Crow Survival with confidence. Because of the 24-hour roadside assistance, even though you don’t have a lot of experience with motorhomes, someone is still available to answer any questions or assist you with anything you need.

You can also select from a wide range of campers, RVs, and trailers to take on your holiday in Ona, Florida (FL), which has over 1000 rentals. If you’re used to travelling with facilities like showers, laundry, and even fireplaces, a Class A motorhome would be ideal for you. If you want to travel light and with only one or two other people, a Class B campervan might be more your style – the smaller size makes it easier to navigate and allows you to camp almost anywhere. A Class C camper is the ideal combination of the two: bigger than a campervan but with some of the features of a Class A motorhome. Crow Survival also rents 5th wheelers, pop up tents, teardrop campers, toy haulers, and other campers and trailers.

When planning your journey, it’s also a good idea to bear in mind that most owners give lower nightly rates the longer you rent your RV. If you rent for a week or a month, you might be able to get a lower per-day rate for your ride. You can see the discount by selecting the vehicle of interest and scrolling down to the price overview, which includes weekly and monthly prices.

You may also look for an RV to rent based on other criteria such as size, vehicle model, price, or even the year the camper was constructed. You should search for pet-friendly motorhomes as well as one-way or round-trip motorhomes.

Next, take a look at our ideas for things to do and other helpful hints on this list. We share the nearest national and state parks to visit, as well as historic sites and points of interest that you might enjoy.

5th Wheel

5th Wheel (Fifth Wheel) travel trailers can have many of the same luxuries and amenities as the more common town behind travel trailer. The major difference is that the front is raised which allows for a larger floor space which stretches over two levels.

5th Wheels are made to be towed by a pickup truck utilizing something called a fifth-wheel hitch.

5th Wheel

  • Size: Between 20 – 50 ft
  • Price: Between $60 – $400 a night
  • Accommodates: Up to 8 People

As 5th Wheels bost a significant amount of floor space, you can expect to have many luxury fittings, making them truly a home away from home. Most will include beds, dining areas, kitchens, full bathrooms, entertainment systems and plenty of storage. High-end models will be finished to a very high standard.

Some models may include slide outs which move the 5th Wheels walls out a few feet to increase the overall living space.

One of the biggest advantages of a towable camper is that once you’ve reached your campground you can unhitch the vehicle, which frees up your truck for day trips and errands.

Smaller 5th Wheel models are available which means you don’t necessarily need to have a large truck to enjoy the benefit of these campers.

However, it’s important to pay close attention to your trucks towing capacity before finalizing a rental. This information is most often available in the trucks owner manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Class A

Class A RV or motorhomes are custom designed and constructed vehicles based on a specialized truck chassis.

If you’re looking for luxury living and a true home away from home experience, then a Class A RV should be at the top of your list. Amenities will often include kitchens, spacious living areas, full bathrooms, entertainment systems and adjustable air conditioning and heating.

Class A RV

  • Size: Between 20 – 45 ft
  • Price: Between $200 – $600 a night
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 8 adults


Regardless of the size of the Class A Camper, you’re going to be getting an RV with plenty of room which is jam-packed full of home-like comforts.

Larger models (more expensive) are more luxurious and well-appointed than many condo’s or flats.

Some may even feature basement storage options, adding to the already impressive array of storage available.

Many Class A RVs will allow you to simply touch a button to activate the Slideouts, moving the RV walls out as much as 3 feet. This feature increases the available floor space allowing an already spacious vehicle to feel positively cavernous.

As a Class A RV is not necessarily easy to get around in, many owners opt to tow a small car for day trips and errands.

Class B

Class B RVs, otherwise known as van campers, are produced by modifying the chassis or shell from a standard van or truck. The big advantage of a Class B RV is that they are surprisingly easy to drive, and are not much different from an SUV or standard car. This makes the leap from car to RV that much more bearable.

In terms of fittings, you can expect to find many comfort items and most of the conveniences you’d expect to find in a modern-day home.

Class B RV

  • Size: Between 15 – 25 ft
  • Price: Between $50 – $400 a night
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 4 adults


Made for city streets and traffic, they are easy to get around in and surprisingly quick of the spot. If mobility, ease of parking and maneuverability is a must-have feature, then a Class B RV is something you need to check out.

Most Class B RVs will contain a variety of amenities as standard, which will most likely include a bathroom, dining and kitchen areas, sleeping and a range of storage options.

If you’re someone that’s tall, you can find models with raised roofs and/or dropped flooring, allowing you to stand without the need to duck. You can even find models with pop up roofs for even more headroom.

Class C

Class C RVs are normally quite easy to spot, they are built upon an existing standard van frame or chassis, but normally boast a wider body to accommodate additional living space.

You might be familiar with the common cab-over design which is indicative of a Class C RV, however, this is often an optional extra.

You can expect to have all the must-have amenities that are available in a Class A RV.

Class C RV

  • Size: Between 21 – 40 ft
  • Price: Between $80 – $500 a night
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 8 adults


If you’re looking for an RV with plenty of living space, kitchen, bathroom and dining areas, in addition to an entertainment system and plenty of storage, then a Class C is well worth considering.

Some models of Class C will even include slide outs, allowing you to move the walls out up to 3 feet by merely pressing a button. These slide outs increase the liveable space when you’re parked up.

If you’re looking to have a small car to take you on day trips or to run errands, then you might want to consider towing a small vehicle behind you.

One of the big advantages of a driveable RV is that you can normally enter the living area from the cab, which can make parking up overnight while on your way to somewhere so much easier. There’s a lot less setup when compared to a traditional towable camper.

Pop Up

Pop up campers are known by many names, including folding trailers, tent trailers, and pop-ups. No matter the name, they make excellent and affordable campers for anyone looking for something a bit more luxurious than a tent.

As the name suggests, pop up campers unfold from a trailer to reveal what a reasonably sized camper that’s great for families and couples alike. They aren’t short on amenities either, with many containing sizeable sleeping areas and kitchens.

One of the best features of a pop-up camper is its small footprint once folded down, which makes towing easy and something that can be accomplished by a wide array of vehicles.

Pop Up Camper

  • Size: Between 6 – 25 ft
  • Price: Between $50 – $300 a night
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 8 Adults


Pop up campers have mass appeal due to their affordable price point and reduced footprint, which makes luxury RV living available to almost everyone.

As we’ve already discussed, the smaller size means that most typical family cars are capable of towing a pop-up camper, even small cars are capable of towing the smaller pop-ups. As always, it’s important to know your cars hitch weight rating, which can be found in your owners manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

We would recommend knowing all of this information before committing to a rental or buying a pop-up camper. If in doubt consult a professional.

As we with all towable campers, once you’ve set up your campground you’re free to use your car for other purposes such as running errands or sightseeing.

When not in use pop-up camper is easy to store, taking up much less room than a travel trailer or 5th wheel.

If you like your creature comforts then you’ll be glad to know that pop-ups come with sleeping, dining and kitchen facilities as standard. Some models will even come with bathrooms/showers and entertainment systems. You can even get models with slideouts which will increase your liveable floor space.

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, amenities with something to suit every budget and requirement.

Travel Trailer

  • Size: Between 10 – 40 ft
  • Price: Between $60 – $400 a night
  • Accommodates: Up to 10 Adults


The sizes and types of Travel Trailers available are truly vast. Small types can often be towed with smaller cars, including SUVs and Sedans, as long as they are equipped with the appropriate hitch.

It is, of course, important to check your vehicle’s tow rating against the Travel Trailer you’re looking to purchase or rent. This information can most often be found in your owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Larger models will require a larger tow vehicle such as a truck or 4×4, just make sure to confirm your vehicle hitch weight.

As with all towable campers, one of the biggest advantages is that they are easily detached once at the campground, meaning you can use your car or truck for other things such as sightseeing or going to the shops for supplies.

Most travel trailers will include beds, kitchen, dining, seating, bathroom and entertainment systems. Larger models may boast luxurious fittings and various extras.

Some models will include a slide-out, which allows the walls of the camper to move outward a few feet in order to increase the living area and make your campground stay more comfortable.

Truck Camper

A Truck Camper is best described as a portable camper that has been specifically designed to load onto the chassis or bed of a pickup truck.

The beauty of the slide-out design means that they are easy to load or unload, which means you can use your truck for other activities besides camping.

Truck Camper

  • Size: Between 8 and 20 ft
  • Price: Between $50 – $350 a night
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 6 adults


If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get away camping and you own a truck, then a truck camper is a great choice that’s well worth considering.

Their size, lack of complexity (few moving parts) and lightweight nature make them the obvious choice for traveling on rougher roads or where wind shear could be an issue.

If you’re keen on your outdoor sports and need to get into and out of remote parts of the world, a truck camper might be the only practical option available to you. You can even detach the truck camper once you’ve reached your destination allowing you to use your truck for other matters.

Despite the relatively small footprint, many truck campers have all the essential amenities, including toilets, kitchens, sleeping areas, and entertainment systems. If you need even more space, then you may wish to opt for a model with a slideout which can substantially increase the liveable space.

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